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In a contemporary context when societies have advanced economically, socially and even politically, Africa still seems to be stagnating. It doesn’t require statistics to confirm this assertion. Ordinary observation and popular opinion is enough to affirm. The coming of new information and communication technologies that have plunged the world into an irresistible social communication network has only timidly contributed to the growth of Africa. Rather mentalities have not changed vis-à-vis social and economic development and the question whether social media has caused more harm than good still hovers. However, communication remains a non-negotiable tool in development. In this context, a more developmental approach in social communication is undoubtedly the most essential thing African requires. Online radio broadcasting is fast becoming the answer to this salient question unlike other forms of social media that have remained in the hands of the ordinary citizen who plays with it as though they were bouncing a ball. An online radio outfit would operate normally like the traditional form with an editorial policy that guides its operation for quality and self-censored works. It would therefore cover the gap which other forms of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter has created and which has not really helped to promote African values. It is within this backdrop that APEX RADIO is being created.

Run from Columbus Ohio, United States of America, Apex 1 Radio is a general information (not specialized) radio station that covers religion, entertainment, politics, sports, health, development, etc.

Our objectives are as follows:

  • Present the African diaspora to Africa
  • Present Africa to the African diaspora
  • Promote communication within the African community (esp. in the diaspora)
  • Promote development of Africa via linking the continent with its diaspora
  • Market Africa and its great values to the rest of the world

We expect that:

  • At least 80% of listeners of the station become regularly abreast of happenings in Africa
  • Listeners obtain adequate informal education on radio on scores of topics/issues
  • Listeners get regularly entertained by music and shows

Apex 1 Radio has correspondents who report from other parts of the world notably:

  • Cameroon for the Central African sub region
  • Nigeria for West Africa
  • Kenya for East Africa
  • South Africa for Southern Africa

Our ambition is to cover the entire Africa as a major partner in the Development of the continent.

Apex 1 Radio is particularly interested in the Development of the youth Movements of Africa to that effect the station is laying emphases and will accompany young people in the exploration of their talent, be they skills in music, film, writing, craft, sport, etc This ambition has been placed under God’s vision with a strong conviction that it will move mountains in the Africa media sector in particular and the world communication landscape in general.



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