2020 is an election year in the United States. US elections stand out as the incarnation of the country’s democracy which has been exemplary in the history of world politics. The process is usually a major assignment to the media across the world. Run under the jurisdiction of the United States, Apex 1 Radio has the responsibility of covering the election process. 2020 RACE is therefore a radio show that will accompany the process from a typical media perspective.
The goal of covering the 2020 elections is to inform and educate our audience (including the immigrant population in the United States) on the elections whose outcome affect their lives.
2020 RACE shall be a news magazine-like show with emphasis on talk. It shall have the following slots:
ELECTIONS NEWS: Three minutes briefs on the latest news – rallies, debates, etc. This shall be presented by either the central host or another Journalist on the panel.
ON THE FIELD: Live report from a rally ground, debate venue, etc. This slot will come in at any time in the course of the show once the reporter signals.
POLITICIAN OF THE DAY: Biography of any selected participant in the race, including renowned elections reporters. This slot will be presented by a Journalist on the panel.
THE ELECTORATE: Vox pop – the opinion of the man on the street on any given topic. It could about an issue or a personality or ideology. This slot will be pre-recorded and played during the show. It could also be run live by the field reporter during coverage.
REVIEW OF THE ELECTIONS PRESS: Review of newspaper, online, radio and TV.
THE DEBATE: This shall constitute to core of the show with guests engaging in arguments that support their bids.
 Guests on 2020 RACE shall include candidates, surrogates, political analysts, elections specialists, political science lecturers and media practitioners.
Consultant: The consultant shall act like a specialist on the panel.
PERIODICITY: 2020 RACE shall come up at the convenience of the staff on the show but will be regular.
DURATION: The show will end on January 20, 2021, the day the new president of the United Stated will be inaugurated. Each edition will last for 120 minutes.
HOST(S): 2020 RACE shall be hosted in rounds. Journalists shall take turns in hosting. The other Journalists, not hosting can be part of the panel.