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If the youths of today must lead and be better leaders tomorrow, they must be empowered. Youth empowerment specialists and promoters have sorted out education as one of the strongest and most value tools youths need to have, to be able to face tomorrow’s potentially challenging world. Quan Angelic Abazie comes from this background, where preparing today’s youth, is the surest route to a successful tomorrow. The multi-disciplinary youth empoweree, recently named as member of the International Board for Empowering Our Youth Foundation, is geared at outreaching to places around the world, including Ghana and Nigeria, to not only deposit resources to young people and youth organizations, but to impact the leaders of tomorrow through her mentorship. This Thursday, September 23, 2021 on Apex 1 Radio, Quan, who is a Master’s degree holder in Education and author of an upcoming book YOU HAVE THE VICTORY, explains her interest in developing young people as well as her newest assignment with the Empower Our Youth Foundation. She will be protagonist on APEX SNAPSHOT, starting at 6pm EST.
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