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    January 20, 2020

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    Apex Snapshot

The legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. is incontestably the greatest, when it comes to civil activism, not only in the United States, but on a global perspective. More than five decades after he quit the stage, the world still pays tribute to the civil rights activist who is a great inspiration to millions of people. As the rest of the world joins the United States today, January 20, 2020 to celebrate the live of the hero, Apex 1 Radio is putting up a discussion on the life, works, exit and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The special APEX SNAPSHOT dubbed MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr FOREVER comes up at 6pm EST. Guests on the show will be Americans politicians and ordinary citizens. Join us at www.apex1radio.com – Tunein – Facebook live at Apex 1 Radio – www.apex1radio.com – See you then!