Sevo Nchifor is gifted from all angles of music. As a talented singer, the USA-based urban artist composes brilliant heart-warming lyrics, some of which have entertained wide audiences across the globe within the past months. Sevo would also go thematic when need arises – reason he embarked on a soul-searching seasonal track, ALL ON ME, scheduled for December 13, 2019. Ahead of the official release of the masterpiece, featuring Jeeno, Sevo will make a stop-over on Apex 1 Radio to enlighten us on this latest project. During the upcoming radio production, the Cleveland, Ohio-based artist (doubling as Medical Doctor) will explain his journely in music plus what he has in store for the public. Stay connected for the announcement of the show. Meantime, tune in at at 10am Eastern Time tomorrow, Friday, December 6, 2019 for an exclusive pre-release airing of ALL ON ME.

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For any economy to be considered as vibrant, the employment sector must be sufficiently active. That means there should be jobs available for people ready to do them. While some jobs need skill to be performed, others just need availability and commitment.  However, what is important is that the job should be performed and whoever did it, paid. The ripple effect is that there is livelihood guaranteed when there is employment.

And so with the employment sector doing well, there is certainty that the economy would grow. The United States for instance is a good example of an economy that waxes on strong, thanks to employment.

Good to know that the employment rate in the United States increased to 61 percent in September from 60.90 percent in August of 2019. Employment Rate in the United States averaged 59.35 percent from 1950 until 2019, reaching an all-time high of 64.70 percent in April of 2000 and a record low of 55 percent in July of 1954.

By and large, the recent increase from 61 percent from 60.90 within the last few weeks is something to write home about. This can be translated as hope – hope that there are jobs and hope there m

ore jobs are on the way. This is a great indication that the economy is on the move.

Day-in, day-out, companies and other outfits rise with many openings for jobs. Even when one would be thinking at times that there are limited

work positions, you would be surprised that there is always a high need of workers in countless companies.

It suffices to go online and notice the thousands of job positions being advertised.

However, in as much as the opportunities are vast, getting a job or getting the right one or a commensurate one, at the right time and even the right place, could be a major challenge, even when you are qualified.

Again, even when you have found your dream job open for grabs, getting it could still be an issue. What about have the subject matter and the ability to deliver but lacking the charisma to defend yourself in the interview. Why would a well-trained potential workers find it hard to get a job? Or better still why would a competent and highly qualified worker earn far less than what he offers?

That is where staffing agencies come into play. They answer all these questions and even more. They recruite staff for emplyers in need, but also prepare such staff to perform well and succeed in the job. One of such agencies is Cardinal Staffing, a Columbus, Ohio-based outfit which certainly would have been created to accompany employers in the task of getting emplyees. So, when was it created? Whose idea was it? What has been its track record? These and more will be looked into in today’s edition of the show. Diane Louangrath and Geoggrey Haakantu are CEO and Executuve Vice Preside respectively of ardinal Staffing Solutions.




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