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Giving, Taking, Being Thankful

APEX SNAPSHOT (Special Thanksgiving Edition)

We are told that Thanksgiving began as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. In the United States, it is celebrated every 4th Thursday in November, and it is the biggest national holiday in the country. For one thing, the word blessing in this short and simple explanation is the key. Often, that notion is completely forgotten, and people go celebrating without giving a thought to it. This may offer room to think people are not blessed. Otherwise, why would they talk more about the celebration than the blessings? Big question!

To say we don’t get blessed all the time would be erroneous. Every single human being receives blessings – blessings come in multiple forms – we just cannot see them all. Even when you think you are disappointed in a certain circumstance, you may just have to look keenly, and you would find blessings in it.

These days, even when you think you do not have food and water, there is always someone who comes to provide it. We have seen giving multiplied either through individuals or organizations. Yes, giving is the order of the day today. Great sign!

Now, do givers always have to expect something in return? Certainly not. However, receivers also have the moral obligation to show gratitude – gratitude not by way of paying or paying back, but we are told a simple ‘Thank You’ does the trick. But are these two words – ‘thank’ and ‘you’, always expressed? Maybe yes – maybe no – maybe yes, but not sufficiently – it all depends. While wishing all of you out there a happy Thanksgiving Day, we will reflect on the concept of Giving, Taking, and Being Thankful.

We have invited some people to share with us today, but we have one question for you out there.
We understand 2020 has been the most trying year ever – yet we believe there has been a silver lining in the dark cloud. So, what are you thankful for in 2020?

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For all social vices that have stayed around longer than expected, domestic violence against women has been conspicuous. Despite frantic efforts in curbing this practice, advocates against domestic violence, from all indications, are having a hard time putting the math together. Why should the woman, described as mother of humanity, be subjected under such pain, has been their utmost worry. Even more disturbing, is the fact that domestic violence has gone on, despite accelerated strives to combat it. Fortunately, advocates have refused to throw in the towel and the more the social ill is perpetrated, the more energized they are to face it squarely. Within the framework of the fight against domestic violence, a bevy of ladies, reputed for their civil society efforts in issues related to vulnerable populations, have put up a come-together to discuss domestic violence, as women the world over reflect on their lives this month. A conference to that effect takes place in Maryland, USA this Saturday, March 21. Ahead of the event, its host Roy Mamah, accompanied by speakers, join us on radio to explain more. They will be guests on APEX SNAPSHOT few hours to the start of the discussion.

The show begins at 9am EST




The art of telling stories through motion pictures is unarguably the most interesting, yet effective way of conveying a message. STRAY is a movie with a serious story. Guests to its premiere in Buea last Saturday, affirm the producers and the actors who interpret the story, packaged it suitably enough. The rest of this assertion would be confirmed after watching the Palmer Ngale Mbua film. Five days after the official outing, we come back to the event through which STRAY was presented to the public for the first time. Apex 1 Radio picked up high moments of the Buea Mountain Hotel red carpet event and in a 30-minute package, we bring them to you. Join us on a special APEX SNAPSHOT (film version) edition as from 11am EST (5pm in Mukunda, Buea) on – tunein app – Facebook Live at Apex 1 – Take the appointment!

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The Saker Baptist College, Limbe is a representation of academic excellence and an embodiment of quality education. Even when they graduate and join other folks in the outer world, ex-students of Saker hardly forget their background. In the USA, Sakerettes have constituted themselves in what they describe as EXSSA, represented in several cities. EXSSA Ohio is the newborn yet making great strides. Its President, Lizzy Bonte Kombe and members have joined their counterparts in other States and worldwide to commemorate the 58th anniversary of the school. This evening, they explain more on this plus the A to Z of EXSSA Ohio. They are our guests on APEX SNAPHOPT on Apex 1 Radio. Join us at 5pm EST , today, Feb. 1, 2020, on – Tunein app (search Apex 1 Radio) and Facebook Live @ Apex 1 – Catch you then!


APEX SNAPSHOT: The Legacy of Martin Luther King jr.

The legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. is in contestably the greatest, when it comes to civil activism, not only in the United States, but on a global perspective. More than five decades after he quit the stage, the world still pays tribute to the civil rights activist who is a great inspiration to millions of people. As the rest of the world joins the United States today, January 20, 2020 to celebrate the live of the hero, Apex 1 Radio is putting up a discussion on the life, works, exit and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The special APEX SNAPSHOT dubbed MARTIN Luther KING Jr FOREVER comes up at 6pm EST. Guests on the show will be Americans politicians and ordinary citizens. Join us at – Tune in Radio– Facebook live at Apex 1 Radio –



Sevo Nchifor is gifted from all angles of music. As a talented singer, the USA-based urban artist composes brilliant heart-warming lyrics, some of which have entertained wide audiences across the globe within the past months. Sevo would also go thematic when need arises – reason he embarked on a soul-searching seasonal track, ALL ON ME, scheduled for December 13, 2019. Ahead of the official release of the masterpiece, featuring Jeeno, Sevo will make a stop-over on Apex 1 Radio to enlighten us on this latest project. During the upcoming radio production, the Cleveland, Ohio-based artist (doubling as Medical Doctor) will explain his journely in music plus what he has in store for the public. Stay connected for the announcement of the show. Meantime, tune in at at 10am Eastern Time tomorrow, Friday, December 6, 2019 for an exclusive pre-release airing of ALL ON ME.

Apex Snapshot: Web series dismantle menopause myth

Web series dismantle menopause myth

Editorial: Web series dismantle menopause myth
By Ernest Kanjo
Basic biological science teaches us about the various cycles in human life. These stages come along with certain physical as well as psychological changes. Unless a human being has a biological defect, these physical and psychological changes occur. Even when they are defective in certain areas, some of these changes that come as a result of change in stage show up.
That infants display that urge to have milk is a normal phenomenon. Suckling them becomes an utmost responsibility of the mother.

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