Michigan upsets Ohio State 42-27

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By Jessie Dingess

Who was hungry enough to go to the Big Ten Championship? The Big Blue showed up ready to eat and pulled through a major upset. No. 5 Michigan swept No. 2 Ohio State, 42-27, ending the Wolverines’ eight-game losing streak to the not-so-popular Buckeyes while giving Harbaugh his first win over Ohio State as coach at Michigan.

This big win also clinches the Big Ten East title for the Wolverines, appearing in the Big Ten Championship Game since 2011 they’re first.
Michigan, which had a split half of the Big Ten East back in 2018, is also seeking its first Big Ten title since 2004.

Although the Wolverines were the better team from start to finish, they pulled and held 75 yards on the game’s opening run to take a 7-0 lead and never looked back. The Buckeyes briefly took the lead during the second quarter, but the Big Blue erased it quickly.
One of the primary keys to the game was Michigan’s rushing attack, led by Hassan Haskins, who crushed the day with 169 yards rushing and an astounding five touchdowns. Aidan Hutchinson swept the load for the Michigan defense, picking up three sacks, setting a brand new single-season program record of 13 takedowns.
Garrett Wilson (10 catches, 119 yards) and Jaxon Smith-Njigba (11 receptions, 127 yards) both had huge days for the Buckeyes offense, but it just wasn’t good enough to pull off a win.

Was it a case of Michigan catching a break or two that decided the game or Ohio State having a bad day? When the buckeyes tried to show up and seemed to get a hold of the game, Michigan answered. Michigan showed they were the better team from the jump and never took its foot off the pedal.
Even when Ohio State needed a stop on defense, the Wolverines took to their offensive line and running backs to keep the game alive. It was pretty amazing how often the Wolverines were able to turn around, hand the ball to Haskins or Blake Corum to keep moving the chains, and they delivered effortlessly every single time.

The Wolverines showed they were also the more disciplined team on this big day. In the first quarter, an interception from McNamara killed an entrance chance to go up two scores, but the only blemishes were two penalties for 20 yards. Compared to Ohio State, which never turned the ball over but lost 66 yards on ten penalties. There were several false starts on the Buckeyes that hurt the offense, and on one defensive possession, they gave away to the Wolverines with first downs thanks to an offsides call and pass interference.
As talented and dangerous as Ohio State is, you must play a nearly perfect game to win against them. On the big game day, Michigan showed up and did just that, and they are going to the Big Ten Championship in Indianapolis because of it.

Ohio State had difficulty staying on schedule, but Michigan showed up. Doing the simple things helps you win football games, and Michigan was much better at them than Ohio State. The Wolverines converted 5 of 8 third-down attempts in the game to keep drives alive, and the biggest reason was their performance on first and second downs. The average distance Michigan needed to get on third down in this game was 3 yards. Ohio State needed an average of getting 7.3 yards on its third-down attempts, which explains why they were only 8 of 18, but still pretty impressive.
With the Wolverines showing they were far more effective on first down, picking up 278 yards on 33 first down plays, they rounded to an average of 8.4 yards per play. Ohio State managed only 5.1 yards on first downs, and there aren’t many defenses you want to face less in third-and-long situations than this Michigan defense, which is why the Wolverines were able to sack Buckeyes QB C.J. Stroud four times and get eight tackles for loss.
Ohio State’s defense didn’t have a single tackle for loss in the game. Michigan’s offensive line better not have to buy a meal on campus for the rest of the year.
Could this cost Stroud the Heisman Trophy? He became the favorite for the award last week after tearing Michigan State apart, but the lack of a Big Ten Championship Game appearance could hurt his candidacy, as does losing this game, even though the loss was not Stroud’s fault. Stroud completed 34 of 49 passes for 394 yards and two touchdowns without a turnover, but it wasn’t enough. The race was very close with too many contenders.
The downfall was Ohio State’s defense. Early in the season, when OSU lost to Oregon, it outmuscled. Oregon rushed for 269 yards and three touchdowns that day, averaging 7.08 yards per carrying. On Saturday, Michigan rushed for 297 yards and six touchdowns, averaging 7.2 yards per carrying.

Deserves of this one is Harbaugh: Think back around to this time last year. Harbaugh was a dead man walking, and even when he restructured his contract, seen as a lame-duck entering the 2021 season. Instead, he’s just completed his best regular season as the coach at Michigan and beat Ohio State for the first time.
Many coaches could be willing to accept a pay cut to stay at a job, instead preferring to move on and start fresh elsewhere. But with a decision that showed it wasn’t about his pride or his ego, Harbaugh came through. He showed he loved the school and wanted to restore a football program that had fallen on hard times when he returned to Michigan. He made the changes necessary for it to happen and will see rewards for it.

Crusaders cruises in the 2nd half to win NCAA DIII

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By Okon Ekpenyong

The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Crusaders won their second Stagg Bowl title on Friday, December 17, 2021, defeating North Central College Cardinals 57-24 at the Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio.

It would have been their third, but in their 2016 Championship run, the NCAA stated that the program violated an NCAA Policy, taking away that win. The program played in 2004, 2016, and 2017 and won it in 2018, but their 2016 and 2017 run violated NCAA Policy.

Both teams came into the title game undefeated, and throughout the season, looked good on paper both defensively and offensively. Both teams struggled to put points on the board during the first two quarters, but UMHD managed to end the first quarter on a 16-7 lead. However, in the second quarter, North Central College did outplay them scoring 10-3. In the third QTR, UMHB took advantage of NCC offensive struggles by scoring 14-0, and in the fourth QTR, the UMHB receiving squad of Brenton Martin & Brandon Jordan proved to be much for the NCC Cornerbacks outscoring the Cardinals 24-7 to end the game.

Former receiver for the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Eric Schoenert, spoke to the New Americans Magazine about the Crusader Football Alumni Association.

The association organizes tailgates for home and away games, and it is part of the Christian fellowship program that connects former and current players. The majority of the players attending the tailgates and the championship game played 2004-2018.

2021 Stagg NCAA DIII Championship game prediction:

We are very proud of the success we’ve had and what we’ve been able to get back from the program. North Central is a good team, and they got here for a reason. UMHB is firing from all cylinders, and offensively I don’t know how they will stop all of our weapons. We are significantly faster than they are and in a similar size. I think we will win the game, probably by a touchdown, and the team that gets to thirty the fastest will have a better chance of winning it all.  (Eric Schoenert)

Eric’s prediction was 24-17, but the UMHD ended up winning 57-24 to take home their second Stagg Bowl for the 2nd time in school history.

Eric added that they had been successfully capitalizing on third and fourth-down conversions. We still like to run on third-down conversion, but we become more of a passing team in the last four to five weeks of play. Because we have outstanding receivers, their corners will typically back off on the opposite side so we can run a hatch route and get a first down on a third and 7 by running a pass and play.  (Eric Schoenert).

Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium:

The city of Canton and Hall of Fame committee has done a fantastic job taking care of both teams and showing UMHB and NCC the Hall of Fame Stadium and around the Hall of Fame Museum itself. The Committee made it a memorable experience for both programs, specifically the players. It is a great stadium, and it will be something special for the players on either side.  We play at a magnificent stadium at Crusader Stadium in Belton, TX, and we are lucky and blessed to have a quality program and facility.  Eric added that they are intimidated playing at the stadium, but it is an opportunity that the program will remember forever.  (Eric Schoenert)

Growth of Division III:

Players want to go places they think would make a difference and be active right away. Fans can expect those numbers to increase across any football division. Also, with the rise of social media, accessing quality games that are more accessible means that fans will be more aware of better teams versus only following the schools that everybody already knows. It helps put more spotlight on smaller schools. (Eric Schoenert)

“We are in the heart of Texas, so we recruit players from Dallas and down to Houston. The University sells itself, but because some of those players are in weight or height, it may disqualify the DI from giving them a chance. But if they have a passion for the game and are willing to sacrifice to prove themselves, we would love to have them”, Coach Pete Fredenburg said.

“It is always about team chemistry because when you see other players stepping up at the highest level, you too as a player, challenge you to complete with all of your heart and might. And when the team is as successful as we are, it gives us hope that a DIII program will arise, and everybody, including future players, should notice”, QB Kyle King said.


Division III Football has continued to grow since I played back in 2004. Our most famous alumni Darrell Freeman would play for the Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bears, and many successful seasons. Other programs did overlook Freeman for his sizes from DI schools across Texas, and so he came in with a chip on his shoulder by doing everything asked to make himself better and get noticed by the NFL. There’s always an opportunity for the coaching staff to find players committed to the game itself and have a chance to make it to the league stage after their collegiate careers are over.

Crusader Football Alumni Association:

We are a proud alumni association; we support our players and student-athletes across campus. We also support other sports on campus, but Football is our primary focus.  (Eric Schoenert)

Coaches and Players reaction:

Fredenburg, Mr. Pete Head Coach, Football, commented on the player Alumni association. We have strived to focus on Team Chemistry since we started the program in 1998. It solidifies the team concept of people that care for one another. Within the association, current and past build a bond, and the players genuinely care for and love one another, and have fun being a part of it, indeed.

“We go through so much being a student-athlete, and because these guys understand and have been there, it helps,” one of the UMHD players added.

Raising awareness on mental health with “Walking in my Blessings” Golf Classic

By Michael Moore and Okon Ekpenyong

Picture Credit: Les Rutland
Picture Credit: Les Rutland

It was perfect weather for the 4th Annual John A. Moman Memorial Golf Classic held at the prestigious Winchester Golf Course in Canal Winchester, Ohio with over 80 participants.  The very well-landscaped golf course sits in the middle of one of Canal Winchester’s most beautiful residential neighborhoods.

The John A. Moman Golf Classic organizer and founder, Chevez Moman, created “Walking in My Blessings.” The efforts and goals are to raise awareness in the African American community on mental health, provide a safe space where an open discussion on mental stress and trauma can be spoken about, and provide support as a community. All donations will benefit the efforts of “Walking in My Blessings.”

Community activists, council members, family, and friends all came out to show their support for this great event and enjoy a little golfing at the same time. Legendary coach James ” Satch” Sullinger, father of former Ohio State basketball star Jared Sullinger, was also in attendance.

“We have tried everything else except for unity,” Sullinger said.

Al Edmonson, a well-known community leader across Central Ohio, had the longest drive contest at 289 yards on a par five. The Golf classic Courage Award went to Mr. Craig Avery Sr, who is battling cancer. Despite undergoing chemotherapy every week, he always finds the time to golf with friends and family every Sunday, including the Jam Memorial Classic.

Chuck Brown, Robert Thomas, Glenn Collins, and New York Sam were this year’s winning duo shooting under 61 for the classic.

Stacie Baker, a council member representing the entire city of Reynoldsburg, was one of the players.

“Being able to support a great event like the Jam memorial golf tournament is a win because this event promotes giving back to the community,” said Stacie Baker.

“It is truly an honor and privilege to support the Jam Memorial classic. When an African American male in the community gives back, and the local entrepreneurs and business leaders support scholarship and service, it lifts our entire community”, Councilwoman Meredith Lawson-Row said. The event was a complete success, to say the least, having over 80 golfers come out to show support and unity, not just in the neighborhood but in the entire.

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Tonisha Chapman


June 25, 2021

In sports, we always like to discuss “Who is the Greatest of all Time.” However, the discussion often goes more in the world of basketball these days. Ever since LeBron James stepped on the basketball scene and proclaimed himself “King James,” the comparison discussion has begun about Lebron vs. Michael.

This particular discussion brings out everyone’s point of view and their criteria for determining who deserves the title “The Greatest of All Time.” For example, some people look at how many championships an individual has, while others want to throw statistics and off-court actions into the mix.

On the note of statistics and off-the-court actions, those are not valid in my opinion because you are talking about two highly different times when it comes to the climate of the NBA. When Jordan entered the league, the norm was for players to go to college for at least three years and then enter the NBA draft.

These days, you can go after one year of college or directly from high school. So when people want to start trying to compare LeBron & Michel’s stats, I say, “not valid, because LeBron has five years minimum on Michael Jordan.” Remember Michael Jordan when to college for three years, and took a 2 ½ season break after the killing of this father and then retired in 1998, then he came back two years later in 2000. So LeBron has seven years on Michael as far as years in the league, so it does make sense that LeBron would surpass Michael Jordan in some, if not all, stats.

The other criteria factors what LeBron & Michael have done off the court with their “athlete celebrity status.” Some believe that LeBron surpasses Michael because of everything he has done in the community, especially with the racial injustice situations worldwide in the past couple of years.

Some believe that Michael Jordan was a sell-out off the court, especially after his infamous comment, “Republicans buy shoes also.” However, when you look at the climate of the NBA then and now, you can tell that there is a big difference. When Jordan was playing, the owners had more control over basketball operations and the player’s actions off the court. Players did not have the power to be able to vocal like they do today.

Before the players gained control of the league, they had to choose their battles carefully because each move could have affected them financially in a big way. Now the players have more control of the league. Now they can dictate where they go, who they wish to play with, and what organization. Also, I do think social media has given the players more power as well. On another note about player power and control, I heard some compare what Aaron Rodgers is doing in Green Bay to how Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen handled things in Chicago when they discovered that the general manager wanted to replace them.

It was commented on that what Michael and Scottie did was a bad thing. However, it was not because they did not have the control to get rid of the general manager like they do today. So before people judge Michael for his off-the-court contributions or lack thereof. His statistics at the end of his career and how he handled certain situations with management. Remember this he didn’t have the control and power that LeBron, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, etc., has today. Back then, the front office controlled daily operations, and now it seems a player has more control. These days, players have the power to be vocal and have the ability of social media to assist their causes. Just remember this:


No. 15 OSU looks to rebound after a tough loss

COLUMBUS, Ohio – After the postponement of Sunday’s game, No. 15 Ohio State will get back out on the court Thursday afternoon when it hosts Purdue. This will be the lone meeting between the two teams this season. Both teams are looking to get back on track as each is coming off a loss their last time out. Tip-off is set for 4 p.m. and the game will be streamed live on BTN Plus+

Ohio State and Purdue are hooking up for the lone time this season when the two teams meet at Value City Arena on Thursday. The Buckeyes hold a 47-31 edge in the all-time series between the B1G foes and are 24-9 in games played in Columbus. Ohio State is itching to get back out on the court as well as not have played in over a week because of the postponement of the Northwestern game on Sunday. The Buckeyes are 12-3 on the season and 8-3 in Big Ten play.
Purdue opened conference action 2-1 with wins over Penn State and Nebraska but has since dropped nine of its last 10 including five straight. The Boilermakers are coming off a 75-57 setback to Rutgers at home last Sunday. Kayana Traylor (13.9 ppg) and Brooke Moore (10.9) are the two Boilermakers averaging in double figures. Dorka Juhasz was named to the Naismith Midseason Player of the Year Watch List. She is one of five players from the Big Ten on the list.  Juhasz is riding a five-game double-double streak. That is the longest streak since Jantel Lavender did it five games in a row in 2010. Juhasz is also just 89 points away from 1,000 in her career.

Aaliyah Patty had her streak of seven consecutive games with 10 or more points snapped on Wednesday at Wisconsin. But she is still averaging 12.0 points and 6.5 rebounds per game this season.  All five Buckeye starters are averaging in double-figures led by Jacy Sheldon at 16.3 ppg.  Braxtin Miller is the team’s leader both on and off the court but the Buckeyes sure need her on the court. Her numbers may not be eye-popping but her veteran presence can’t be quantified by a number. She fouled-out for the second time this season and just the third time in her collegiate career on Wednesday. The Buckeyes have lost both times she has fouled-out and Oklahoma State also lost to Iowa State on Jan. 24, 2018.  Miller has had at least one steal in every game but the first game this season.

15/11 Ohio State vs. Purdue
Date: Feb. 18, 2021
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Venue: Columbus, Ohio — Value City Aren

Ohio State Edges Iowa

COLUMBUS, Ohio – In a grind-it-out team effort, No. 17 Ohio State handed No. 11 Michigan its first loss of the season in an 81-77 matinee on Thursday.

Six Buckeyes scored nine or more points in the game led by sophomore Jacy Sheldon with 20 points. Sheldon’s three-pointer with:45 seconds left gave the Buckeyes a 76-74 lead, and they never trailed the rest of the way.

Fellow sophomore Madison Greene finished with 15 points, while Dorka Juhasz added 14 points and seven rebounds in limited minutes due to foul trouble. Tanaya Beacham stepped into a starting role for the injured Aaliyah Patty, and she finished with 10 points and four rebounds.

Senior Braxtin Miller simply played hard, and she willed the team down the stretch. Miller finished with 10 points but grabbed a team-high eight rebounds and dished out a team-high five assists.

Rebeka Mikilasikova scored nine points and pulled in four rebounds.

The story of the game was Michigan forward Naz Hillmon. She scored a school-record 50 points and grabbed 16 rebounds. But just four Wolverines scored in the game, and they were just 2-of-20 from long range.

Ohio State led by four at the break and pushed the lead all the way out to 16 points at 63-47 with two minutes the play in the third quarter. The Buckeyes looked as if they would cruise home for the win. But Michigan’s defense stepped up in the fourth quarter.

The Wolverines opened the fourth on a 13-1 run as the Buckeyes missed their first six shots. A Beacham lay-in with 1:58 play was the first field goal of the quarter for Ohio State, and its only other field goal came on Sheldon’s clutch three with under a minute to play. The Buckeyes were 10-of-12 from the free-throw line in the final quarter.

The win was the Buckeye’s first over a ranked team this season. They will have another shot on Monday night as Ohio State welcomes No. 7 Maryland to Columbus. Tip-off is set for 7 p.m., and the game can be seen on ESPN2.

Picture of the scores- Credit -OSU

2020 College Football Playoff & Heisman Trophy Watch

With this week’s latest Heisman rankings going out, I find it challenging and confusing why the country does not give the University of Florida Quarterback Kyle Trask more respect and higher rankings. They still have Mack Jones of Alabama leading off at number 1. Justin fields of Ohio State University at number 2. Trevor Lawrence of Clemson University at 3. Kyle Trask of the University of Florida at 4. Zack Wilson for BYU at 5. And lastly, Ian Book of the University of Notre Dame round out the top 6.

Now is it just me, or when you have a quarterback that leads the nation in touchdowns pass in 28 has the 3rd best QBR (quarterback rating) in the country and has only thrown 3 INTS on the whole year. Granted, I understand that he has one loss on the season to the now 5th ranked Texas A&M Aggies, but I really am not sold on Mack Jones. You have Trevor Lawrence that hasn’t played in two weeks. Kyle Trask has 12 more touchdowns than Jones, but the county and Committee believe that Mack Jones is undefeated in the SEC and has more passing yards and a higher QBR. All will become come clear when these two meet in the SEC championship game this year. If you think about it, Kyle Trask is a gamer and knows how to win a game. He’s special.

Picture Credit: Heisman Trophy

For a year of uncertainty and new looks, I thought this would be the year I could actually see one of these none power five schools get in and participate in the college football playoff. With BYU and Cincinnati being the two notable teams this year making a great case so far, the CFP is still not having it this year. Both of these teams are undefeated and have been blowing the meme opponents out the water. On top of that, both teams are ranked in the top 10. it has gotten to the point where you have groups like BYU asking to put more games in their schedule to have a better chance. Over the year, we have seen these none power five schools compete and win games. When they are given the stage, they have always risen to the occasion. From the Boise States in 2007 to the UCF’s and Memphis of the past two years, It’s time to give the little guys a chance. I believe 2020 should be the year we see that the next step takes place.

NBA Draft 2020 (Stars Are Born)

On November 18th, All eyes were on the 2020 NBA Draft.

This year’s draft was very different due to COVID-19 safety precautions. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced the selections virtually, similar to the way the NFL conducted their draft. We had not seen any college action since March 11th, when the season was cut short due to a rise in Coronavirus cases. It was during the conference tournaments, wherein in many situations, stars are born. Exceptional play, along with memorable shots, help raise the draft stock. These young men stayed focused on mental and physical health during such a trying time is honorable. There were a total of 60 players selected between 2 rounds.

The top 10 picks are:
1. Minnesota
2. Golden State
3. Charlotte
4. Chicago
5. Cleveland
6. Atlanta
7. Detroit
8. New York
9. Washington
10. Phoenix

Top 10 draft prospects:
1. Anthony Edwards 6’5 G Georgia
2. James Wiseman 7’1 C Memphis
3. Lamelo Ball 6’7 PG Australia(NBL)
4. Obi Troppin 6’9 PF Dayton
5. Onyeka Okongwu 6’9 PF Southern California
6. Addis Bey 6’8 SM Villanova
7.Deni Avdija 6’9 SM Europe
8. Isaac Okoro 6’6 SG Auburn
9. Killian Hayes 6’5 PG France
10. Devin Vassell 6’6 SG Florida State

Let’s hope for a successful, healthy, and long career for all these young men.

Quest For Perfection

Friday’s Ohio Division I state championship game between #11 ranked Pickerington Central Tigers and St. Xavier Bombers (Cincinnati) was a lopsided victory. St. Xavier defeated Pickerington Central 44-3 to end the Tiger’s perfect season and halt their quest for back-to-back titles and their third title in four years.

St. Xavier’s wide receiver Jalen Patterson exploded straight out the gate catching four touchdown passes in the first quarter.

Bombers quarterback Brogan McCaughey threw for almost 300 yards in the first quarter alone, completing 22 out of 33 passes and four touchdowns. Patterson also tied an Ohio state championship receiving record.

The Bombers also played a great game on defense lead by Grant Lyons.

Friday’s game was the first meeting between St. Xavier and Pickerington Central since 2016 when the Bombers beat the Tigers 29-27 in the semifinals to go on and defeat St. Ignatius (Cleveland) in a double-overtime thriller for the state championship.

Meanwhile, the Tigers came in averaging 257 yards rushing managed just 20 total rushing yards in the first half. A lot of that was credited to Lyons and nose guard Giovanni Albanese.

Pickerington Central got on the board with a 27-yard field goal at the start of the second quarter, but St. Xavier answered with two more touchdowns, including a 60-yard punt return by Gabriel Dubois.

Bomber’s coach Steve Spect in a post-game interview expressed how proud he was of these young men conquering all the craziness of 2020, and now they are state champions.

Both programs deserve a standing ovation.👏🏾

Meet Odessa Jenkins. Co-founder of the WNFC (Woman’s National Football Conference)

credit: OJ Jenkins
credit: OJ Jenkins

Odessa started her journey in 2017 while working as an intern for the Bill Walsh diversity coaching fellowship. She quickly realized that her passion and knowledge of the game could empower women to play a professional sport that many would say is too physical for women to play. Soon after, she was invited to join the Atlanta Falcons coaching staff for an intern job with the running backs. Jenkins served as an intern there for 9 weeks. Jenkins has achieved a lot athletically accomplishing: two-time USA National Team gold-medalist (Women’s Football), a two-time Big West Conference basketball player of the year.
Jenkins praised Falcons coach Dan Quinn on just about everything she has learned, from an organization in the film room to building a franchise. With the knowledge she obtained, she followed her dreams and co-founded The Women’s National Football Conference. Jenkins is also co-owner and coach of a team. The WNFC features 20 teams, playing a 10-week Spring season, broadcasting nationally, and culminating with the IX Cup Championship game honoring women in sports.
Jenkins feels proud about her achievement, saying that having a female counterpart to the NFL will be the “final frontier” in breaking down the barrier between male and female athletes.
Jenkins stated that women have been playing organized tackle football for 60 years, but many people probably do not know that. The WNFC is a groundbreaking organization that provides women with an opportunity to play, coach, and participate in American Football at the highest level.
As a premier professional women’s tackle football league, WNFC plays 11-on-11 full padded American tackle football. Each team has an owner, general manager, and coaching staff. They also have sponsors such as Adidas and Wilson, to name a few. The WNFC has over 1,000 athletes and coaches across 17 states, which makes up 20 teams.
WNFC started operating in
2019 but due to COVID-19, the 2020 season was canceled. The league should be in good economic standings to have a 2021 season, working on a $500,000 budget annually.
Definitely excited about this!