2020 College Football Playoff & Heisman Trophy Watch

With this week’s latest Heisman rankings going out, I find it challenging and confusing why the country does not give the University of Florida Quarterback Kyle Trask more respect and higher rankings. They still have Mack Jones of Alabama leading off at number 1. Justin fields of Ohio State University at number 2. Trevor Lawrence of Clemson University at 3. Kyle Trask of the University of Florida at 4. Zack Wilson for BYU at 5. And lastly, Ian Book of the University of Notre Dame round out the top 6.

Now is it just me, or when you have a quarterback that leads the nation in touchdowns pass in 28 has the 3rd best QBR (quarterback rating) in the country and has only thrown 3 INTS on the whole year. Granted, I understand that he has one loss on the season to the now 5th ranked Texas A&M Aggies, but I really am not sold on Mack Jones. You have Trevor Lawrence that hasn’t played in two weeks. Kyle Trask has 12 more touchdowns than Jones, but the county and Committee believe that Mack Jones is undefeated in the SEC and has more passing yards and a higher QBR. All will become come clear when these two meet in the SEC championship game this year. If you think about it, Kyle Trask is a gamer and knows how to win a game. He’s special.

Picture Credit: Heisman Trophy

For a year of uncertainty and new looks, I thought this would be the year I could actually see one of these none power five schools get in and participate in the college football playoff. With BYU and Cincinnati being the two notable teams this year making a great case so far, the CFP is still not having it this year. Both of these teams are undefeated and have been blowing the meme opponents out the water. On top of that, both teams are ranked in the top 10. it has gotten to the point where you have groups like BYU asking to put more games in their schedule to have a better chance. Over the year, we have seen these none power five schools compete and win games. When they are given the stage, they have always risen to the occasion. From the Boise States in 2007 to the UCF’s and Memphis of the past two years, It’s time to give the little guys a chance. I believe 2020 should be the year we see that the next step takes place.

Thanksgiving meal

Giving, Taking, Being Thankful

APEX SNAPSHOT (Special Thanksgiving Edition)

We are told that Thanksgiving began as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. In the United States, it is celebrated every 4th Thursday in November, and it is the biggest national holiday in the country. For one thing, the word blessing in this short and simple explanation is the key. Often, that notion is completely forgotten, and people go celebrating without giving a thought to it. This may offer room to think people are not blessed. Otherwise, why would they talk more about the celebration than the blessings? Big question!

To say we don’t get blessed all the time would be erroneous. Every single human being receives blessings – blessings come in multiple forms – we just cannot see them all. Even when you think you are disappointed in a certain circumstance, you may just have to look keenly, and you would find blessings in it.

These days, even when you think you do not have food and water, there is always someone who comes to provide it. We have seen giving multiplied either through individuals or organizations. Yes, giving is the order of the day today. Great sign!

Now, do givers always have to expect something in return? Certainly not. However, receivers also have the moral obligation to show gratitude – gratitude not by way of paying or paying back, but we are told a simple ‘Thank You’ does the trick. But are these two words – ‘thank’ and ‘you’, always expressed? Maybe yes – maybe no – maybe yes, but not sufficiently – it all depends. While wishing all of you out there a happy Thanksgiving Day, we will reflect on the concept of Giving, Taking, and Being Thankful.

We have invited some people to share with us today, but we have one question for you out there.
We understand 2020 has been the most trying year ever – yet we believe there has been a silver lining in the dark cloud. So, what are you thankful for in 2020?

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BCCO Offers PPE Supplies

On this Thanksgiving Day, the Bhutanese Community of Central and it’s volunteers gave away much-needed PPE supplies to Franklin County residents, and for the Central Ohio BN Community at “The Center for New Americans,” located at 1299 McNaughten Road in Columbus.

Volunteers from the BCCO

CareSource provided boxes of Tylenol, gloves, Disposal Face Mask, and Non-contact Infrared Thermometer. And Amazon provided the 1.75 Liter of Hand Sanitizers.

NBA Draft 2020 (Stars Are Born)

On November 18th, All eyes were on the 2020 NBA Draft.

This year’s draft was very different due to COVID-19 safety precautions. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced the selections virtually, similar to the way the NFL conducted their draft. We had not seen any college action since March 11th, when the season was cut short due to a rise in Coronavirus cases. It was during the conference tournaments, wherein in many situations, stars are born. Exceptional play, along with memorable shots, help raise the draft stock. These young men stayed focused on mental and physical health during such a trying time is honorable. There were a total of 60 players selected between 2 rounds.

The top 10 picks are:
1. Minnesota
2. Golden State
3. Charlotte
4. Chicago
5. Cleveland
6. Atlanta
7. Detroit
8. New York
9. Washington
10. Phoenix

Top 10 draft prospects:
1. Anthony Edwards 6’5 G Georgia
2. James Wiseman 7’1 C Memphis
3. Lamelo Ball 6’7 PG Australia(NBL)
4. Obi Troppin 6’9 PF Dayton
5. Onyeka Okongwu 6’9 PF Southern California
6. Addis Bey 6’8 SM Villanova
7.Deni Avdija 6’9 SM Europe
8. Isaac Okoro 6’6 SG Auburn
9. Killian Hayes 6’5 PG France
10. Devin Vassell 6’6 SG Florida State

Let’s hope for a successful, healthy, and long career for all these young men.

Quest For Perfection

Friday’s Ohio Division I state championship game between #11 ranked Pickerington Central Tigers and St. Xavier Bombers (Cincinnati) was a lopsided victory. St. Xavier defeated Pickerington Central 44-3 to end the Tiger’s perfect season and halt their quest for back-to-back titles and their third title in four years.

St. Xavier’s wide receiver Jalen Patterson exploded straight out the gate catching four touchdown passes in the first quarter.

Bombers quarterback Brogan McCaughey threw for almost 300 yards in the first quarter alone, completing 22 out of 33 passes and four touchdowns. Patterson also tied an Ohio state championship receiving record.

The Bombers also played a great game on defense lead by Grant Lyons.

Friday’s game was the first meeting between St. Xavier and Pickerington Central since 2016 when the Bombers beat the Tigers 29-27 in the semifinals to go on and defeat St. Ignatius (Cleveland) in a double-overtime thriller for the state championship.

Meanwhile, the Tigers came in averaging 257 yards rushing managed just 20 total rushing yards in the first half. A lot of that was credited to Lyons and nose guard Giovanni Albanese.

Pickerington Central got on the board with a 27-yard field goal at the start of the second quarter, but St. Xavier answered with two more touchdowns, including a 60-yard punt return by Gabriel Dubois.

Bomber’s coach Steve Spect in a post-game interview expressed how proud he was of these young men conquering all the craziness of 2020, and now they are state champions.

Both programs deserve a standing ovation.👏🏾

Our Behavior & Covid-19

The world has had prolonged crises in the past, but none has the kind of adverse effect the Coronavirus has in just over a year. A year for China, but for the United States, eight months now. If a pandemic hit hard on every single sector and every single way of life, then it is not a joke. Since there was no ready treatment and vaccine for COVID-19, which emerged almost unannounced, its immediate response was human behavior.

Picture Credit: Blue Cross NC

One – hand washing, which was recommended to be done as many times as possible. In some places, people complained they didn’t have drinkable water, let alone the one with which to wash their hands. True to an extent, but what about those who have water. And the one with which to wash hands, but deliberately refuse to do so?
Two – mask-wearing! As simple as it is, mask-wearing is a way to cover facial openings such as the nose and mouth through which the virus can penetrate. Not only have some people disrespected this measure, scores of others perpetually and openly displayed non-mask wearing in public places. The Summer protests with people marching bare face are still fresh on our minds.

Hardly had those protests faded out than a candidate for an election gave his supporters the green light to come to massively attended rallies without masks. And even when he contracted the virus and beat it, his rallies still had many people not wearing masks.
The third point sounds mysterious – social distancing. Science has established that close contact, especially with people having the virus, would create room for infection. So, social distancing becomes a way of reducing or preventing its spread. Even after guidelines and strict measures, some people have continued to organize social events that promote close interaction – birthday parties, baby showers, graduation ceremonies, dance parties, and you name it.

How else can human behavior be controlled? We have heard a loud cry by Doctors, Nurses, and other healthcare personnel virtually begging people to stay at home so that the spread of the virus could be reduced. This is because they, frontline workers, face tortuous moments taking care of sick people, especially at this time when cases have tripled and hospitals running short of space and staff.
Experts have said with the vaccine at the corner, there is some hope, but things can only get back in good shape if people display good behavior vis-à-vis the spread of the virus. They say if people change their attitudes and the vaccine checks in, we could be out of this by the fall of next year. Some soothing news, isn’t it? But are we ready to mine our behavior? Are we ready to keep wearing the mask and social distancing? Well, we better be and overcome this pandemic or remain stubborn and keep falling prey to it. The first option is the better one; there is no doubt about that.
This is the Apex 1 Radio News Magazine!

Columbus Police Officers offered warm meals

The Starfish Assignment is an independent organization that works with officers to address the areas that need help the most in the community that they serve. While patrolling the neighborhood, Columbus Police Officers Joshua Bell and Mike Daymut realized that many families, especially in the height of this pandemic, will not have a warm meal this holiday season. Therefore, this led them to pitch their idea to the Starfish Assignment to offer assistance. Columbus Police Officer Pete Casuccio, executive vice-President of the Starfish Assignment, loved the idea, and that’s how the first-ever “Cops & Gobblers” came alive.

On Wednesday, officers from the fifth Precinct in South Linden, alongside members from the Starfish Assignment volunteers, gave away thanksgiving dinners to one hundred and fifty families giving them something to smile about this holiday season. They gave each family frozen turkey, a bag full of stuffing, cranberry sauce, instant potatoes, gravy mix, corn, green beans, and cornbread mix. Kemba Financial group credit union-sponsored this giveback initiative, and all of the donations were from Walmart on Morse Road. The Organization and the CPD met at the Douglas Community Center then proceeding to the Winsor neighborhoods.

In an interview with 10TV-WBNS, Officer Daymut, who originally pitched the idea to Starfish Assignment alongside another officer (Bell), stated that “Anything we can do to put a smile on people’s faces, puts a smile on our day.” Officer Bell also added that “It’s been a trying time, now more than ever, just any opportunity we have to give back to the community is good.”

Officers hanging out thanksgiving meals

And so, with this belief, dozens of other officers within the South Liden Precinct also participated in the first-ever “Cops & Gobblers.” For any of the residents who were not home at the time, picking it up at the Douglas Community Center located at 1250 Windsor Avenue was an option. One of the residents who were not home at the time approached one of the officers and said, “thank you.” Those who were home also thanked the officers after receiving their Thanksgiving Dinners.

Communities and law enforcement officers are encouraged to become volunteers with Starfish Assignments because “no one can do everything, but everyone can do something” (their slogan)
Overall, the event went accordingly; however, the hopes were that every door that got knocked on could receive the gift of giving. It was the only disappointment to a very successful first-ever “Cops & Gobblers.”
This Sunday, November 22nd, at 12:30 p.m., at the Precinct 19 Substation located at 2070 Sullivant Avenue in Columbus, Officers from 19, 8, and 10 Precincts and Franklin Township Police Department will be teaming up with Starfish Assignment again. This time they will be delivering Thanksgiving bags provided by a local charity to the Westside families in need.

delivery of Thanksgiving meal supplies
delivery of Thanksgiving meal supplies

Written By Quentin Patterson & Okon Ekpenyong

COVID-19: Questions, Yet No Answers!

COVID-19: Questions, Yet No Answers! That life has not been the same since the Coronavirus set in is no longer news. What is even more certain is that life shall never be the same again. For months now, in most places in the world and for over a year in China, the question of when this shall come to an end has lingered in the minds of people. A question that has found no answer in the longest period than any other asked in modern times or should we say at least, in recent years. Unlike other crises, COVID-19 launched an attack on every human being, regardless of age, gender, race, social status, and name. It checked in so fast and swept people and dreams. Its behavior became even more complex and hard to understand. In the age of science and technology, what kind of virus and disease would ravage the world so mercilessly like this? Still, more unanswered questions! In March, when the Coronavirus showed its ugly face in the United States, Summer was at the corner. Having been told that the virus doesn’t withstand high temperatures, the first hope was that the Summer heat was going to be the natural solution to the so-called disease without a vaccine. Behold, Summer came along with a terrifying increase in the number of cases. Was heat or high temperature not able to extinguish the virus anymore – yet another unanswered question! An attempt to find solace and an answer in the fact that people interacted more in the hot season and will stay home more in the cold season only ushered in another complex phase of the Coronavirus. With temperatures dropping, Coronavirus cases have tripled and now appearing to be worse than any time in the history of the new pandemic. So, when therefore is the time the virus’s spread is negligible? Another question! And so these scores of unanswered questions have characterized this long period of pandemic time with its huge impact commonly known to the world. Can the discovery of a vaccine be 90% effective by the Pharmaceutical giant FIZER be the beginning of the solution to the Coronavirus and COVID-19? For once, let this be a question that has an answer, and let the answer be YES. Let the YES be the power of the tongue and be claimed. YES, this time! This is the Apex 1 News Magazine! Broadcast editorial was written and presented on the Apex 1 News Magazine of Nov. 6, 2020, by Ernest Kanjo

Fashion is not always about what you wear, but how you wear it

They say what you wear speaks volumes, so if you leave the house, especially on a Sunday morning. And you are heading to church looking like a hot mess; not only would the pastor talk about you, but that old lady in the corner who doesn’t say much because she’s always falling asleep. However, she happens to be awake that day and gives you that “mama look.” Kaboom!! Would you blame it on the designer, or it is not what you wear but how you wear it that rocks the fashion runaway. Be careful because even at the height of this pandemic, fashion still arises like ocean waves. So, what you wear and how you wear it matters.
And today, at the Fireproof Columbus on High Street near Ohio State University Campus, not only did the designer of these beautiful outfits do a fantastic job, but the models rocked it.
Xuena Pu, a recent graduate from the Columbus college of art & design was the designer and stated that her culture influences her designs.


Americans in all 50 States and those living abroad have gone to the polls today to vote for their new leaders. Polling stations across the country opened at 6 am Tuesday and are expected to shut their doors at 7 pm.

Voting is taking place across the board – presidential, legislative, judiciary, County, and Boards of Education.
Before polling day, more than 100 million Americans cast their ballots in early voting that started on October 3, 2020.

In the Presidential election, incumbent Donald Trump is being challenged by Democratic hopeful and former Vice President Joe Biden. Both forerunners have crisscrossed the country within the past months, convincing voters to make them their ultimate choice.

The 2020 election comes at a time the United States is facing its worst recession due to the Coronavirus pandemic that has claimed over 230 thousand lives and infected more than seven million Americans.

There are also threats of a civil war should the incumbent lose. Reports say significant security measures are being employed against the possible post-election upheavals suspected.
Meanwhile, Ohio’s Secretary of State Frank LaRose has urged Ohioans to come out in their numbers and perform their civic duty.