African Fiesta 169 – Ebangha Njang talks about latest SA MAJESTE mag

When you educate a man, you have educated an individual, but when you educate a woman,  you have done so for an entire nation, so goes an old adage. When a musician held that the woman is the mother of humanity and must be treated with subtlety,  he was making a great point. Then, a woman to celebrate other women deserves every single accolade she gets. These reflections are translated into SA MAJESTE, this leading magazine that tells stories of how young women are striking the cords of success, in a bid to inspire their kind. Its publisher,  Ebangha Njang,  presses the magazine’s mouth-watering 7th issue on AFRICAN FIESTA this Saturday. Join us as from 9:30am EST  (3:30pm gmt +1) on Catch up then!

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