Apex Anthology – Poetic love!

Apex Anthology – Sept. 15, 2019

That the world is still existing today, could rightfully be interpreted that it was created on the foundation of love. From every indication, its creator use the love material to erect this edifice called the world. And it is simple to understand – just the fact that God created us, shows how much He loves us. To move forward, His love is the reason we are able to rise every blessed day and are able to breath air. What love could be greater than this? Needless to recount the story of other provisions, aside the most important activity of breathing in and breathing out – they are aplenty – the food, the education, the employment, the positions, the talents, the skills, the money, the favors and our list is endless. Aren’t these things the purest expression of some love that comes with no condition? You answer is as good as mine.
The flip side is however the issue in this discourse. Ideally, love would have been the one way, the only way. It should have been existing without any rival, enjoying the wide space of existence alone. The world would then have been what is described as a utopian society. I know you’d say this is impossible – yes, but what if it were possible – wouldn’t that have been great?
Who doesn’t like and enjoy a utopic situation – a situation where you would hear no noise of evil, feel no pain – succumb to any torture, be it psychological, physical and otherwise? Who wouldn’t have enjoyed a utopic world, void of any stress cause by another human, at times a peer? World of human-manufactured danger, envy, discrimination, oppression and the list is long.
Who says God, in creating the world didn’t want it to be a wide space of love. Certainly, that was his intention. Of course, it was, just for the mere fact that He still provides life, even when we have gone rampage with tendencies that diametrically oppose His biggest value on which He founded creation – that is love.
And so, we are trapped in circumstances such that misconstruing the notion of love has become the order of the day. Instead of just loving a fellow human as prescribed by the creator, hating them turns out to be easier. Otherwise, what explains the fact that one human could so freely and at times with pleasure, inflict pain on another with little or no remorse? Where is the love button at this time and why are fingers heavy to press on it?
Otherwise, why would one human so selfishly refuse to share with another, even when they are endowed in wealth? Why would one human boldly stand on the way of another, even when the latter’s progress would be beneficial to them as well? Hard to decode, isn’t it?
If love was a very expensive commodity – as expensive as Ferari or a GULF STREAM G-650 Private Jet, one would understand and not throw blame to whoever is unable to afford it. We would not doing justice to people who have no love reserves, if love was as expensive as the cost of Atlanta Super Bowl 53 Mercedez -Benz football stadium.
If the cost of love was comparable to the 1.5billion dollar Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building situated in Dubai, we won’t be obliging you to buy it, when in reality, you cannot afford. The long and short of it therefore is that, you do not have to spend huge sums of money to buy love. You can simply just return it for no cost, after all, God gave His free of any charges.
And if indeed He had to sell it, would you be able to afford God’s love? That is the rhetoric! But then, ainsi va le monde, the French man would say!
Love will constitute one of the themes, addressed in one of the poems to be presented in today’s edition of Apex Anthology – the second after the spectacular come-back of the show. Amongst other poems by Tchassa Kamga, LOVING YOU is in the line-up today. The poet will follow up to explain what he has as message in the poem, plus his journey so far in this great form of Literature that paints life in its own manner – unique to say the least. Tchassa Kamga is our guest poet on the show today. He will be speaking live from the city of Pueblo, one hour 45 minutes away from Colorado’s capital Denver. Tchassa is a prolific writer and has many poems to his credit.
Sharon Dione is our content manager on this show who is also in charge of the spoken word presentations – Ken Shally Monnette is our poetic appreciation resource person, Iggy Mizuh, our poetic guide. They all join Marcel Adig my producer and I in welcoming you to this September the 15th edition of Apex Anthology.

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