Apex Snapshot: Web series dismantle menopause myth

Web series dismantle menopause myth

Editorial: Web series dismantle menopause myth
By Ernest Kanjo
Basic biological science teaches us about the various cycles in human life. These stages come along with certain physical as well as psychological changes. Unless a human being has a biological defect, these physical and psychological changes occur. Even when they are defective in certain areas, some of these changes that come as a result of change in stage show up.
That infants display that urge to have milk is a normal phenomenon. Suckling them becomes an utmost responsibility of the mother.

That adolescents raise shoulders in protest against instructions from their parents may be an issue – but that behavior is psychologically linked with that stage of life. Other adolescents would develop attraction to the opposite sex and this may affect their focus on studies and other important things in life. That could be a problem, but that it is biologically proven to be an adolescent trait, is equally true.
Countless other behaviors and physical changes that appear threatening, especially to parents and teachers, occur in adolescents. Difficult to control, but it is a biological reality which most, if not everyone else experienced when they were in this stage.
Perhaps, the stage in the human life cycle which many hardly understand, is menopause. The menopausal stage is the time that marks the end of menstrual cycles. It is usually a very dorsal stage, void of any noise. It is hard to tell who is in that stage, especially when you are not an expert. Perhaps, this explain why much is hardly said about it.
But, does that mean menopause does not come with its own issues? That is the question? But what kind of issues? Just like adolescence, menopause should have it own effects, physical and psychological. That is normal. But before doing this write-up, this commentary suspected menopause could be a problem in the eyes of some people – either those who are in the menopausal stage or some who are not, but look at it as a problem.
Otherwise, why would a web series focus on menopause? If it did, then, surely, there are things society or some communities or some people are getting wrong about menopause.
So, what could that thing be?
 Do some people thing menopause is a problem?
 Do people in menopause have a problem per se?
 What is society’s perception of menopause?
 What do experts think about it?
 Can a web series be an appropriate channel to educate people about menopause?
 What is The Menopause Show which motivated this write-up and this show all about?
 Who is who in the project and who does what?
These questions and more will be looked into by this show and our guests who belong to a web series project that focuses on menopause. Donella Martin Braddix, Leisha LaPorte and Glenn Pettway are part of that project. The two actors and director in THE MENOPAUSE SHOW are right here with me in the studio, ready to put us through.
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