Responding to the Coronavirus, in a bid to reduce its spread and eventually expunge it completely, requires enormous means. These means are not always readily available in some communities, largely because the current situation was not expected neither were any kick-back measures anticipated. COVID-19 checked in and caught everyone unprepared for it, yet something needs to be done.

Fortunately, the civil society has never been indifferent every time the population is faced with such difficulties. In their habit as support systems, COMPASUDA, the Belinda Babila Foundation, the Limona Foundation International and the Josephine Ncho Foundation, will organize a two-day sensitization against COVID-19 in Bamenda, from April 24 to 25 this year. During the campaign hand-made facemasks, hand sanitizers and thermometers will be distributed to the population. Terence Limona is the founder of COMPASUDA. This Friday, April 17, he explains the project on radio. He will be guest on APEX SNAPSHOT on Apex 1 Radio. The show that will be hosted by Ernest Kanjo will start at 12pm EST (5pm in Bamenda) on – tunein app – Facebook live at Apex 1 – Take the appointment!


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