Columbus Weekend of Festivities

Originally Posted by:  , September 6, 2021
Okon Ekpenyong

Columbus Caribbean Festival held its fourth annual celebration on September 4th and 5th, 2021 at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Delaware, Ohio. The event returned to action after canceling last year’s festival due to state mandates.

Celebrity Style Events, the organizer of this year’s event, wanted to ensure that the location could accommodate over eight thousand people, which is generally the type of crowd the event generates. Overnight camping accommodations were an option for those that wanted to experience all of the festivities that this year’s event had to offer, which included the carnival, Caribbean culture, and of course, the food.

Columbus Council President Shannon Hardin’s 7th annual Pig Roast and Fish Fry saw a huge turn-out this year at the Franklin Park Conservatory. Cars were lining up from the first entrance on Broad Street and continuing on Conservatory Drive, even passing the Franklin Park Conservatory Garden with its plant and art exhibition center.

The event was free for all to pick up at the Wells Barn parking lot, but tickets were required ahead of time to ensure enough meals were available for everyone. Equitas Health was on-site, providing free vaccination to help slow down the spread of Coronavirus.

Greater Southeast Area Commissioner, Peaches Anderson, was one of the attendees who received the shot at the event.

“A personal decision to get the Covid shot can be difficult, but deciding for a mother and community member, and leader takes no contemplation. As I was leaving President Shannon Hardin’s Fish Fry and pig Roast, I saw a tent offering free and easy Covid shots. I parked my car and headed proudly towards the tent. It was quick, easy, and painless. I felt as if I was one person that medical staff won’t have to care for, and I’m one more person who isn’t passing Covid to others. In short, by getting the shot, I’m no longer a part of the problem, but I’m a community member who is caring for others with my actions”, Anderson said.

Some of this year’s volunteers were city workers, council members, school board members, and candidates running in this year’s election in Central Ohio.  Four meals per vehicle was the maximum allowed to accommodate all of those who registered on Eventbrite.

“Service up meals at Council President Hardin’s Annual Pig Roast with other servants and candidates was so much fun! To see so many public servants spending time literally serving the public was inspirational,” Rena Shak said (Judicial candidate for Franklin County Municipal Court Judge).

Picture Credit: Rena Shak

The city of Obetz had its annual Zucchini Fest, which usually draws thousands every year for four days straight. The event started on Friday, September 3rd, and runs through Monday, September 6th.

The festival celebrates everything that has to do with Zucchini, and it takes place at the Obetz Athletic Club. Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy parades, pageants, and car shows. And to top it all, they will have the chance to enjoy free music, including listening to local and national recording artists. Two thousand twenty-one musical headliner was the country music singing duo featuring Troy known for their biggest hit “save a horse ride a cowboy,” took center stage on Sunday, September 5th.

The 48th Annual Greek Festival is taking place this year at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral from Friday, September 3rd through Monday, September 6th, 2021.

It is a chance for the community to learn about Greek culture, the ancestry of Greece, and how faith plays a vital role in its heritage.

Rena Shak is a judicial candidate running in this year’s municipal race, and her family is from Greece. “The Annunciation’s Greek Festival is a chance for the Columbus community to celebrate the Greek heritage!  Greek culture is rooted in hospitality, delicious food, religion, music, dancing, and community, and the festival brings all of that to our neighbors! I love volunteering at the festival, serving my church, and sharing my culture with all of our visitors!”

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