Fred has been working at a renowned fashion store as a senior computer network engineer since he graduated from college. The store has branches in all States in the mid-western regions of the United States. At the store’s Eastside Columbus branch, Fred has a well-equipped office, from where assists other personnel and store installations in troubleshooting networks hiccups. The network technician also helps in repairing hardware. “Before training as a network engineer, I had worked as a hardware technician,” he told Apex 1 Radio.

Interestingly, Fred’s very spacious office and properly equipped office is for formality. “What I require to do my job is just a workstation which is my laptop,” he mentioned, when Apex 1 Radio sort to know how the network engineer was working from home.

According to Fred, he usually works from wherever he is at any given moment. “I built the network architecture of my company, so I access it at anytime from my workstation and do whatever needs to be done on it,” he said.

Fred explained that on his on-call days while at home, he receives calls. “Once the user provides me with the password of his desktop, I remote into it, get in the Vlan and fix the issue without going to their office in person to do so,” he told us.

For less serious problems, he assigns a junior staff in his department to handle it by calling or texting them. “Why would I stay in the office when I can operate this way,” the technician asked rhetorically.

When the COVID-19 scare swept the United States and companies sought to reduce its spread by advising employees to work from home, Fred was comfortable with the arrangement. “It’s not new to me, so I found the approach normal and meaningful,” he revealed. “In fact, I was going to make the suggestion to my company, if it wasted time to take the decision,” he added.

Like Fred, scores of other employees in the Information Technology and other fields work from home. Internet connection makes it possible to troubleshoot hitches, have meetings, assess orders and serve customers. With COVID-19 in the air, these employees have simply continued working as though nothing happened. The only difference would surely be the eminent increase in workload, in some cases.

For one thing, COVID-19 would have served a lesson. On its heels, working from home could be valorized to brace to any such circumstance in the future. However, even without such a crisis, digital technology is gradually and steadily keeping people and jobs away from physical settings, in favor of virtual ones. Who says working from home, is not the next biggest thing?

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