COVID-19: Questions, Yet No Answers!

COVID-19: Questions, Yet No Answers! That life has not been the same since the Coronavirus set in is no longer news. What is even more certain is that life shall never be the same again. For months now, in most places in the world and for over a year in China, the question of when this shall come to an end has lingered in the minds of people. A question that has found no answer in the longest period than any other asked in modern times or should we say at least, in recent years. Unlike other crises, COVID-19 launched an attack on every human being, regardless of age, gender, race, social status, and name. It checked in so fast and swept people and dreams. Its behavior became even more complex and hard to understand. In the age of science and technology, what kind of virus and disease would ravage the world so mercilessly like this? Still, more unanswered questions! In March, when the Coronavirus showed its ugly face in the United States, Summer was at the corner. Having been told that the virus doesn’t withstand high temperatures, the first hope was that the Summer heat was going to be the natural solution to the so-called disease without a vaccine. Behold, Summer came along with a terrifying increase in the number of cases. Was heat or high temperature not able to extinguish the virus anymore – yet another unanswered question! An attempt to find solace and an answer in the fact that people interacted more in the hot season and will stay home more in the cold season only ushered in another complex phase of the Coronavirus. With temperatures dropping, Coronavirus cases have tripled and now appearing to be worse than any time in the history of the new pandemic. So, when therefore is the time the virus’s spread is negligible? Another question! And so these scores of unanswered questions have characterized this long period of pandemic time with its huge impact commonly known to the world. Can the discovery of a vaccine be 90% effective by the Pharmaceutical giant FIZER be the beginning of the solution to the Coronavirus and COVID-19? For once, let this be a question that has an answer, and let the answer be YES. Let the YES be the power of the tongue and be claimed. YES, this time! This is the Apex 1 News Magazine! Broadcast editorial was written and presented on the Apex 1 News Magazine of Nov. 6, 2020, by Ernest Kanjo

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