EDITORS NOTE: Stacey Fru is author of five books. At her tender age, she has amassed experience in areas such as writing, conferencing, TV hosting and media interviews. She has been guests on Apex 1 Radio shows a good number of times. While at home, during the lockdown declared by South Africa’s President, Cyril Ramaphosa, Stacey has opted to use her talent/skills, to educate as well as entertainment people who stay home. Meantime, she will be back on our airwaves in the coming days to throw more light on this latest project.


Good afternoon,

I have gone through a week of house schooling and it has been challenging and at the same time, exciting. I have made and share videos, but with the When President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a 21-days locked down of the country, I felt the natural need to set to work. do more. I’m a writer, guitarist and public speaker. As such, I have decided to offer my services of reading, writing, music and motivational speaking to everyone and every institution who requests them.

I would like to dedicate time every day for you. All you need to do is make a request. It does not matter where you are based, I will respond to everyone anywhere in the world on stacey@staceyfru.co.za or +27825486385. My effort is to enable us seek beauty and find solace in the smallest things during these periods.

Check me out for the following: live/recorded reading, motivation, writing or guitar/music sessions, free-of-charge. This will start from April the 3rd when my school officially goes on vacation.

Otherwise, follow my social media pages @staceyfru on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see and share in what I will be doing. In this time of isolation, I thought I could help everyone remain positive and find inspiration in what they will be doing. As a child of the universe, my works and pieces of literature will have to give us more than 101 reasons to look after each other, survive, fight for ourselves and most importantly, come together.

For inspiration and the motivation to go viral, you have to help me open my platform to everyone to watch, share and read my work.

Are you wondering why I am doing this?

I have been scared, so are my siblings and parents. Yes, the world is a scary place right now. My aim is to turn this feeling around for everyone and make this difficult experience meaningful. I would like us to flashback on Coronavirus by the words we read, wrote and shared. Let us make them count.

Give me a chance and book online sessions with me.

Stacey Fru, 13

Johannesburg, S.A


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