For all social vices that have stayed around longer than expected, domestic violence against women has been conspicuous. Despite frantic efforts in curbing this practice, advocates against domestic violence, from all indications, are having a hard time putting the math together. Why should the woman, described as mother of humanity, be subjected under such pain, has been their utmost worry. Even more disturbing, is the fact that domestic violence has gone on, despite accelerated strives to combat it. Fortunately, advocates have refused to throw in the towel and the more the social ill is perpetrated, the more energized they are to face it squarely. Within the framework of the fight against domestic violence, a bevy of ladies, reputed for their civil society efforts in issues related to vulnerable populations, have put up a come-together to discuss domestic violence, as women the world over reflect on their lives this month. A conference to that effect takes place in Maryland, USA this Saturday, March 21. Ahead of the event, its host Roy Mamah, accompanied by speakers, join us on radio to explain more. They will be guests on APEX SNAPSHOT few hours to the start of the discussion.

The show begins at 9am EST



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