The art of telling stories through motion pictures is unarguably the most interesting, yet effective way of conveying a message. STRAY is a movie with a serious story. Guests to its premiere in Buea last Saturday, affirm the producers and the actors who interpret the story, packaged it suitably enough. The rest of this assertion would be confirmed after watching the Palmer Ngale Mbua film. Five days after the official outing, we come back to the event through which STRAY was presented to the public for the first time. Apex 1 Radio picked up high moments of the Buea Mountain Hotel red carpet event and in a 30-minute package, we bring them to you. Join us on a special APEX SNAPSHOT (film version) edition as from 11am EST (5pm in Mukunda, Buea) on – tunein app – Facebook Live at Apex 1 – Take the appointment!

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