The Saker Baptist College, Limbe is a representation of academic excellence and an embodiment of quality education. Even when they graduate and join other folks in the outer world, ex-students of Saker hardly forget their background. In the USA, Sakerettes have constituted themselves in what they describe as EXSSA, represented in several cities. EXSSA Ohio is the newborn yet making great strides. Its President, Lizzy Bonte Kombe and members have joined their counterparts in other States and worldwide to commemorate the 58th anniversary of the school. This evening, they explain more on this plus the A to Z of EXSSA Ohio. They are our guests on APEX SNAPHOPT on Apex 1 Radio. Join us at 5pm EST , today, Feb. 1, 2020, on – Tunein app (search Apex 1 Radio) and Facebook Live @ Apex 1 – Catch you then!


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