Except heaven, there is no other utopian place. Literally translated, life is not and will never be a bell off roses. From ordinary observation, there are more undesirable moments that happy ones. Entertaining sadness would therefore be tantamount to succumbing to fate. In the days of yore, this mindset occupied enough space in the lives of people who accommodated it. Disturbing, isn’t it?

Today, things have changed, perhaps thanks to the new ICTs and social media. Not to say it has banalized everything, social media has played a positive psychological impact on people, to the point where in the face of adversity, they relax.

Just like the case with other prominent events/circumstances, COVID-19 has had its own fair share of social media memes. For the past weeks and still running, citizens have embarked on all sorts of Coronavirus-related memes. They are either motionless designed or motion pictures, brilliantly crafted to beat out the terrible feelings people have had to harbor since the pandemic came calling.

As days go by, comedians are increasingly pouring out COVID-19 skits, shared on social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and WhatsApp. “Each time I come across a Coronavirus skit, I quickly forget about the virus’ ravaging effect,” Ferline, a Columbus, Ohio resident told Apex 1 Radio. To her, more of such memes and skits are required, at least, for the therapeutic role they play. “We may be underestimating their role, but those comic relief content help in keeping some people alive,” she said. And added: “In the absence of these, belief me, some people who be so badly damaged psychologically.”

What has not been noticed more, is music. One would have expected situational artists to produce songs on the pandemic as rapidly as it is spreading. Perhaps, this has not been the case because COVID-19 took the world by storm and no one is yet to understand the nature of the pandemic. That notwithstanding, there have been a handful of tracks on COVID-19 released, including “Believe Love Will Triumph”, an anthem, sung by Chinese.

One of the most prominent music works on COVID-19, is We’ve Got This – Fight Against Coronavirus/COVID-19, authored by the South African Ndlovu Youth Choir. Released on March 11, the track is gathering YouTube views by the day. The thematic song cautions people against habits that could cause the virus to inhibit in them. The track makes it clear that avoiding face touching and regularly washing hands are the best way to go. Its video is a display of great artistic performance.

Hopefully, upcoming memes, comedy skits and songs would be addressing COVID-19 in the past tense. For now, let’s help ourselves fight it.

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