Music could be said to be the epicenter of art. It is present in every other form of art and used in for everything, everywhere by everybody. Therefore, music is everyone’s culture. That perhaps, explain why its industry has the tendency of staying afloat under every circumstance, even when others face difficult times. When he created this recognition concept, Valery Atia (entertainment promoter and blogger) aimed at consolidating the frontline posture of music and at the same time, pay tribute to the people who make the art and its industry tick. Over the years, URBAN JAMZ AWARDS has grown into a monumental platform that does not attracts interest but mobilizes people to celebrate music and its actors. The 2020 edition of UJA that comes up this Friday, March the 20th, promises to exceptional. Since exceptional things require attention, Apex 1 Radio will take its equipment and reporters to the Akwa Salle Des Fetes, Douala venue to pick up the sound and images and transmit live to our audience. Join our special broadcast as from 1pm EST (6pm gmt+1) this Friday on www.apex1radio.com – tunein app – Facebook live at Apex 1 Radio-www.apex1radio.com – Take the appointment!

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