Even though departed physically, Manu Dibango lives on. His works provide the coloration of the music icon’s legacy. As the world continues to celebrate his life, Batimu FM adds its voice to the success story of a fulfilled musician. Today, WEEKEND ECSTACY focuses on Manu Dibango – his humble beginnings, career and exit. On the show today, we talk to colleagues of Manu, fans and arts, culture and entertainment analysts. A major contribution on the show will come from Apex 1 Radio’s Ernest Kanjo (Arts and Culture Journalist) and Ken Shally Monnette (Resource Person in charge of arts and cultural issues). Join us at 7pm (in Belgium), 2pm (Eastern time), 1pm (in Minnesota) on www.batimufm.com Take the appointment with host Titus Banyoh (Batimu)!

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