As true as it could be, that communication in contemporary times is more of visual, radio, pioneer in the electronic media landscape, has stood its grounds, why not the test of times. The strength of radio was and is still such that the power behind the voice, generates impeccable images on the mind. In the process, we visualize the stories with absolute ease. This feeling is the handiwork of people whose faces, for long and until revealed by contemporary concepts (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc), had always been a mystery – call them radio hosts/presenters/broadcasters. Until you feel what they do, it’s hard to understand the aroma that comes with passion for radio. But more to that, the contribution radio and its hosts make to the development of the community (proximity radio in this case) and to society at large, is unquantifiable. As these professionals reflect on how to keep this age-old form of broadcasting waxing on, let us wish them a happy World Radio Day. Happy World Radio Day therefore!
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The Saker Baptist College, Limbe is a representation of academic excellence and an embodiment of quality education. Even when they graduate and join other folks in the outer world, ex-students of Saker hardly forget their background. In the USA, Sakerettes have constituted themselves in what they describe as EXSSA, represented in several cities. EXSSA Ohio …

APEX SNAPSHOT: The Legacy of Martin Luther King jr.

he legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. is in contestably the greatest, when it comes to civil activism, not only in the United States, but on a global perspective. More than five decades after he quit the stage, the world still pays tribute to the civil rights activist who is a great inspiration to millions of people. As the rest of the world joins the United States today, January 20, 2020 to celebrate the live of the hero, Apex 1 Radio is putting up a discussion on the life, works, exit and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The special APEX SNAPSHOT dubbed MARTIN Luther KING Jr FOREVER comes up at 6pm EST. Guests on the show will be Americans politicians and ordinary citizens. Join us at – Tune in Radio– Facebook live at Apex 1 Radio –


The Bhutanese-Nepali community in Central Ohio is big and still growing. These hard-working and loving people came to the United States alongside aspect of their culture that make them proud – the music, dance, food, fashion, religion, craft, language, etc. The maiden edition of RADIO JAGARAN on Sunday, January 12, 2020 highlighted these points as …


Sevo Nchifor is gifted from all angles of music. As a talented singer, the USA-based urban artist composes brilliant heart-warming lyrics, some of which have entertained wide audiences across the globe within the past months. Sevo would also go thematic when need arises – reason he embarked on a soul-searching seasonal track, ALL ON ME, …

African Ball Embarks On 3rd Edition

For any economy to be considered as vibrant, the employment sector must be sufficiently active. That means there should be jobs available for people ready to do them. While some jobs need skill to be performed, others just need availability and commitment.  However, what is important is that the job should be performed and whoever …