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Unlike politics where a politician must get on their mark by creating a base before leaping, arts can catapult an artist in less than no time. In fact, that breakthrough may happen on day one. The only requirement is an artistic masterpiece – the one which can shine an artist’s light so brightly to the point of drowning any little portion of darkness. Such works have the propensity of emitting only positive reactions.
It would not be any exaggeration if one used this assertion to describe Sama Babila Carlson’s CNN-Black Panther comic piece now said to be one of the most amazing things that happened to comedy of late. Released a couple of days ago, the piece, a make-believe interview on CNN about reactions to the Black Panther movie, has attracted enormous admiration for the comedian. “How would a man be so meticulous in crafting this?” a Sama admirer wondered.
This work which has gone viral is definitely just what was required for the UK-based Cameroonian comedian to get to the spotlight and today hats are doffing.
It would however be interesting to know how the comedian knitted this piece for it to be this palatable. It would even be more interesting to trace his route into the art he seems to know best. Sama Babila Carlson, who doubles as a Medical Doctor (currently studying) tells his own story on radio this Friday, march 30, 2018. Join us to discover the intellectual comedian on Apex Snapshot which begins at 12 noon eastern time (5pm GMT). The show will be live on Apex 1 Radio – Catch you on the airwaves!


Upon return from the September 1995 United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women, women and sympathizers of their course were not only amazed, but heaved a sigh of relief that a very strong point had been made – equality! Things were definitely not going to be the same again.
Even if the tables were not going to turn on the same day, the notion or mindset of equal everything for men as well as women, had been forced down the throat of the world.
23 years down the road, has Beijing been achieved? Is equality a reality? Have women had lesser problems than they did prior to Beijing? Have many more women become world leaders as scores of them desired soon after Beijing? Have many more women become Chief Executive Officers of big companies and institutions? Have the voices of women been heard enough? These and many more issues face women squarely today. Join some of them on radio this Saturday as they discuss and attempt solutions to their problems. FOCUS ON WOMEN hits the airwaves at exactly 3pm eastern time (7pm in Kumasi, Ghana) on Catch you then!


Any narrative that does not mention Gasha as one of the pioneers of the current phenomenal era of Cameroonian urban music would be wrong.  Her emergence almost seven years ago was a remarkable signal of what has become a successful music movement today. For one thing, Gasha is so distinguished, even when her genre is common amongst the artists of her generation. She gives it an additional touch that makes anything Gasha so cajoling. It is hard to tell if the artist, author of the timeless KHAKI MBERE, went on a sabbatical because her tracks have the propensity to stay with lovers of Gasha’s music forever. But some feeling of the artist’s absence for a while was gripping enough to entertain questions of her whereabouts. Did BACK TO LIFE, released over a fortnight ago answer that question? Even if it did, there are certainly more questions fans of the artist plus listeners of Apex 1 Radio would have loved to have responses to. Gasha will be our guest on APEX SNAPSHOT on Apex 1 Radio – this Sunday, March 4, 2018. The show which will be broadcast from Columbus, Ohio, USA begins at 12 noon eastern time (6pm in Buea). Produced by Marcel Adig and Ayo Akinuli aka AY, the show will be hosted by Ernest Kanjo, accompanied by Crystal Beauty of the Crystal Beauty Show. Award-winning Gasha (AFRIMMA 2014 Best Female Artist in Central Africa) hit the music road in 2012 and since then, has marched on to success with distinguished collaborations with frontline singers including Stanley Enow, Magasco, Nabil and Ugandan Eddy Kenzo.